Made With Care

Local craft, lovingly made

Hello and welcome! We're just getting started with Made With Care's online offerings, and will soon be ready sell our wares right from here. Meanwhile we've got some of our favourite designs up for you to take a look at and enjoy.

3D printed stormclouds with glass beads

Sleep peacefully with one of our beautifully hand crocheted dreamcatchers

Our lovely Mandala Dreamcatcher earrings are sure to be the envy of your friends.... and enemies (if you have any)!!

A subtle interpretation of female anatomy in earring form - what more could you want?

Bubbley-joy for your ears!

Look at these lovely squiggly jellyfishes - they just can't help being happy!

Super-spooky spiders web earrings!

Because life's too short to be serious.

Rainbow spiral maille weave on silver hooks

Beautiful mandala earrings - perfect for festival shenanigans!