Rainbow Maille Earrings

Made With Care

Local craft, lovingly made

Rainbow Maille Earrings

We're not all all about the ultra-modern 3D printing stuff over here. We also love our traditional crafts such as chain maille* and these are one of our favourite designs.

They are made using a double-spiral chain weave with coloured aluminium rings to make a rainbow effect.

All our earrings come with stainless steel hooks as standard, however if you require another material due to an allergy we will happily swap them for you, just let us know!

* Purists will tell you that the term 'chain maille' is a Victorian invention and it should simply be called 'maille'. In response I would tell them to go outside, enjoy the sunshine, have an ice-cream and learn that grammatical pedantism just makes you sound grumpy.