Made With Care

Local craft, lovingly made




Here at Made With Care we span a lot of eras with our crafting. You're just as likely to happen upon us embracing the medieval with whittling some freshly foraged timber and waving some chain maille, as you are to find us heads down over our CAD software preparing a 3D print design.

Previously we had a Wanhao Duplicator i3 printer, which was a great hobbyist machine with plenty of options and adjustments to give us an opportunity to learn the process. Now we've decided to get serious we've upgraded to a Geeetech A20T which can handle three filaments at once and has a huge 250mm x250mm print bed. Here you can see it working on some of our signature Seahorse Pendants.

As with all such things it takes a bit of playing to get the configuration just right, but it's so much fun to work with!